School Introduces Pole Dancing to Teen Students

Pole Dancing, anyone?

When I went to school I studied Maths, the Sciences, English and other such subjects.  I don’t remember there being any mention of Pole Dancing lessons, although if there were any going on I’m sure I would have taken a trip to that particular classroom.  Well now students need not worry anymore because a school has introduced the dancing to teen students in a controversial move to promote health.

That’s right, pole dancing lessons.  The campaign is aimed at providing the students of the school, South Devon College in Paignton, the chance to “Be Healthy”.

The school invited The Art of Dancing company to give a couple of demonstrations to the students as part of a “Be Healthy Week” and aims at promoting exercise and hopes to attract students to put down their laptops, iPhones and Nintendo DSs and get moving.

Let’s be honest, pole fitness is just another way of saying pole dancing, right?

However, just because the school calls the erotic dance form “pole fitness” doesn’t mean that parents will be OK with having it in their school.  In fact one of the biggest issues with the “pole fitness” was that Sam Remmer who gave the demonstration was dressed rather scantily in a sports bra and shorts.

Clearly a hit with the pupils though, Remmer stated that she had been warned about how she was dressed when she arrived for her second demonstration.  

“I was told that most of the complaints had come from members of staff who had not seen our displays but had just assumed that they were inappropriate.

“I was told pupils were distracted from their afternoon lessons because they were swapping pictures and videos,” said Remmer.

YouTube it…

Not troubled by the controversy surrounding her pole dancing, Remmer decided to see how far she could push the situation by posting videos of herself pole dancing on YouTube.

She said that the problem “escalated” when she uploaded onto the video sharing website, although I expect that “escalate” is probably an understatement.

Remmer, furious at the bad publicity the “pole fitness” had received, hit out at the critics, saying, “I am really angry that bad pole dancing stereotypes are being thrown in my face, I am annoyed to think that many mainstream pop groups seem to promote inappropriate behaviour far more than my pole dancing classes.”

Clothes?  Are you mad?

In response to the criticism Remmer faced about her clothing, she simple hit back saying that if she had indeed worn more clothing she would have slipped down the pole.

Pole dancing, or pole fitness as Remmer is hoping it be labelled, is becoming more and more popular amongst adult women due to the simple fact that it is both exercise and fun.  However, bringing the dancing to a school environment may not be the best idea, although I’m sure none of the students would be complaining.

To pole or not to pole…

What do you think?  Would you have been up for pole dancing, or pole fitness, in your school days or would you have preferred a quick session of Latin?

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2 Responses to “School Introduces Pole Dancing to Teen Students”

  1. Midget Says:

    WOW! seriously? i mean, i’ve gotta b honest. im a little scared right now.

  2. Jessica Says:

    do u only come to schools or do u teach classes for teens at a studio somewhere? and if so how much per hour or per lesson?

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